Dr. Han

Vincent Han
( 40 Years Experience)
Acupuncture and TCM Clinic
108-1175 Cook St.

Victoria BC V8V 4A1

Jin Tripp

Vincent Han

Tui-Na Massage Therapeutist

Vincent Han born in mainland China, he is a third generation Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.

He started learning TCM at the age of 16, and practicing in Canada and China since 1976. He is good at Tui-Na Massage and Acupressure.

Clinic- 108-1175 Cook St

Our Clinic located in very convenient location. Close to downtown. Easier 2 hours free parking in View ST and a pay paking lot very close for $1/hour.

Close to bus route of #2, #3,#11, #14,#22, #24, #25, #27,and #28 Buses.

Insurance Coverage Available

We directly Bill to ICBC

We directly Bill to Blue Cross

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