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What is Tui-Na/Massage? 
Tui-Na/Massage is a fundamental component of TCM, and is a form of massage that focuses on establishing a flow of Qi (Vital Energy) throughout the body to restore health and prevent disease. It involves the use of special hand techniques to stimulate the acupoints or the meridians, the energy pathways along which the acupoints are located and the Tui-Na/Massage is often used in conjunction with acupuncture, Moxibustion, and Chinese herbal Medicine. TuiNa/Massage is different than western massage because it works on the energy level of the body and not solely on the muscles and tissues. Actually for some conditions, like sports injuries and simple sprains, it is more useful and easier on the patient. 
Sometimes, when it is appropriate, TCM practitioner use acupuncture and Tui-Na/Massage in combination, and this can accelerate the healing benefits.


Tuina is a Chinese medical therapy that consists of manipulations applied to the body for the purpose of preventing or curing diseases. The meaning of tuina is to "push" and "grasp". Tuina is a Chinese massage technique that uses pressing, rubbing, kneading, and pinching to bring your body back into balance. The practitioner massages acupuncture points and energy channels to promote healthy Qi flow and organ function. This technique is applied to the channels, collaterals, and points of the acupuncture system. Manipulating the body with these methods locally promotes blood accumulation and removes blood stasis.

Tui-Na/Massage is a hands-on-body treatment using acupressure that is a modality of Chinese medicine whose purpose is to bring the body into balance.
Tui-Na/Massage promotes blood and Qi (Vital Energy) flows, smoothes meridians and regulates organs, and thus benefits the overall physical condition.

What are Tui-Na /Massage effective to:

Enhance the Digestive Function 
Tui-Na/Massage enhances digestion and excretion, and helps to relieve distention, indigestion, belching, diarrhea and constipation.

Relieve Pain
Tui-Na/Massage can promote blood circulation and speed up tissue healing. Tui Na/Massage helps to ease pain, relieve swelling and adhesions, which all facilitate the healing process of damage tissues. It relaxes muscles to relieve shoulder pain, back and hip soreness, knees pain, and headache.

Relieve Insomnia 
Tui-Na/Massage can enhances mental functions, strengthens memory and relieves incoherent thinking and Insomnia.

Clear the Nasal Passages, Relieve Allergic Rhinitis and Sinusitis
In TCM understanding, the lungs open into the nose, so nasal function mainly depends on the action of lung Qi. The free movement of lung Qi keeps the nasal passages clean and maintains a firm barrier against external stimulation. Tui- Na/Massage can enhance lung Qi flow, clear airway passages and strengthen the nasal membranes, and enhance the sense of smell and promote nasal clearance.

Relieve Hypertension 
Tui-Na/Massage therapy can be an alternative to prevent further progression of hypertensive conditions. By stimulating the nerves and regulating body fluids, Tui-Na/Massage can enhance the vasomotor control of the brain, so as to relieve contractions in the small arteries and bring down the blood pressure.

What is the Health Benefits of Tui Na/Massage  
Tui-Na/Massage involves applying various manipulations to stimulate the soft tissues, stretch the muscles and mobilize the joints. 
Tui-Na/Massage is used on specific body regions; the stress acting locally can promote blood circulation and remove stagnations, restore impaired soft tissues and correct bone and joint deformities. 
In addition, despite being applied to the surface of the body, Tui Na/Massage creates signals that affect the transmission of fluidsQi (vital energy) and blood, which helps to regulate the functional state of the internal organs. 
Does everyone practice Tui-Na/ Massage the same?
Tui-Na/Massage is one of therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The amount of training can differ considerably and the approach can be quite different. There is also a large diversity due to personal styles, and personal experience. By selecting the appropriateacupoints and techniques, Tui-Na/Massage is an effective treatment and prevention for many health problems.






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