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Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic in Victoria BC


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About the consultation

Traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) is an integral system of medicine. It has more than thousands years experience.

Thinking about Traditional Chinese medicine whatever using Acupuncture, herbs, or other treatment, it is important to make consult before the tratment. It is more important to make a TCM diagnosis than the modern medicine diagnosis for the treatment of TCM, whatever Acupuncture or herbs treatment.

The first time consultation is usually including to fill you file. The practitioner will ask you questions about your healthy and will feel your pulse and look your tongue which look the window of your body.

The diagnosis is normally very thorough, and employs the ancient Chinese arts of pulse and tongue diagnosis, palpation and observation. The practitioner will then give an acupuncture treatment with the aim of alleviating the main symptoms and correcting the cause of the health problem or disease. The number of treatments needed depends on the severity of the complaint and how long it has been a problem.

The practitioner may decide to use a combination of acupuncture and lifestyle changes. To understand this fully one needs to experience a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) diagnosis and treatment.

Long-distance Consultiaon ( by mail or E-mail)

Thinking about you are busy or you are far from our clinic. We still can help you with our knowledge and expericnce. It is simple to download the file ( For Female or Male) , fill out the questions, and mail or e-mail it back. We may ask you more questions about your Chief Complaint. We will give you some sugestions for the herbs to use and diet to eat. We can help with different kinds of unhealth conditions.






















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