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Acupuncture Clinic

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Stress / Anxiety is a normal human emotion and most people will experience it in some degree. But Stress/Anxiety will becomes pathological when it repeatedly interferes with daily life.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chineses Medicine can help to relieve the Stress / Anxiety.

In TCM, anxiety is the emotion most frequently associated with disorders of the Heart or/and Liver and instability of the spirit. It is more related with weakness of function of heart or/and liver.

TCM practitioners will assess the general state of health and identify the underlying pattern of disharmony. They will choice the best way to give the most effective treatment.

General speaking, Acupuncture can open the meridians of the body to let energy flow smoothly in the body. It will effect to relieve the symptom of Stress/ Anxiety. And the same time, Acupuncture can strengthen the organs functions to reduce the reason of Stress/ Anxiety. In some case, natural herbs will use to help to treat Stress/ Anxiety too.
























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