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FAQ about quit smoking

Q: What you do for quit smoking?

A: We use needle acupuncture to help people to quit smoking. The needle is very thin, and disposable.

Q: Is it true that after treatment, the body doesn’t accept any nicotine any more? With other words, that one can get even sick/nauseated/vomit?

A: After treatment, the first reaction of the body should be not addicted to nicotine, later on don't like nicotine. Acupuncture is to help people to quit smoke, if the person don't like to quit himself, acupuncture may not work well. If people try to smoke again, the reactions just like the person who is not smoker to beginning to try smoke.

Q: Can one use nicotine replacement therapy after that?

A: Nicotine replacement therapy is still used nicotine, instead of smoke; the body is still absorb nicotine by skin. After acupuncture quit smoking, nicotine replacement therapy will not need to use, otherwise, it should not a successful treatment.

Q: Will there be no withdrawal symptoms at all?

A: Most of people will no withdrawal symptoms, some person may still have some, but much less than expected, and easy to handle.

Q: Will the treatment help with your metabolism, like fat burning?

A: Quit smoking treatment is not related with metabolism, people may feel more calm then others during the treatment.

Q: Can one be treated while there is still “fresh” nicotine in the body?

A: Acupuncture can treat any stage of smoker, fresh smoker even easy to treat the long time smoker.

Q: What does the procedure cost?

A: We charge $100 for Initial Consultation & Treatment, $70 for follow up treatment; it is usually need 4-8 sections to quit. It only cost $300 to $600. It mostly equals the cost of 2 to 3 months of cigarette, but it will be benefit for rest of the life.













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